Wework is a workspace community. Curating spaces for small businesses, start - ups and non profit companies across the globe.

The WeWork Creator Awards take place across the world and give small businesses and start-ups the opportunity to present their business ventures to professionals in their field, all for the opportunity of receiving a grant.

WeWork asked us to undertake a full brand identity for the event, from the creation of merchandise, wayfinding, interior activations and art-direction.

Our ambition was the give the WeWork awards a new visual identity that it could own and that stands apart from the current recognised WeWork brand.

The concept behind the project was based on the Jigsaw. The jigsaw was invented and first created in London, making it a perfect metaphor for this years awards. The typography was created to mimic the concept, with geometric shapes overlapping to create letterforms. The shapes used across the assets where all based on the sillhouttes of London Borough’s giving them a true visual purpose.

Creative Direction
Art Direction
Spacial Design