Sundaze is a modern skincare brand born from the sun-soaked streets of San Francisco, California. Sundaze is a beauty company that’s main focus is the production of sunscreen. The company hopes to modernise the market through bold design choices and a new wave of organic sunscreen, that all have a brightening and moisturising effect.

Sundaze is made with a difference, all the products are natural and completely free of parabens, the ingredients are hand-picked and it has a no stick and a grease-less texture.

The brand identity has been designed to explore the use of unique graphic placement. The logotype has been developed to sit like a partial eclipse, giving a subliminal nod towards the products main purpose, as a daily sunscreen. With a simple but quirky design and a flexible logo, this brand has a unique presence that has personable qualities. The placement of the letters of ‘Sundaze’ draw reference from sun rays. Creating a logo that completely references the sun. The design is continued across the packaging creating a coherent and bold range that will set itself apart from all other options in the market.

Art Direction
Creative Direction